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June 4 200729 Commented

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Hi, my name is Wan Naza. I’m married & have 2 sons, Wan Nazran Akhtar (DOB: 2004)& Wan Nazrin Akhtar (DOB:2006). Me & my wife work at a same company, same department & we work together. We work in manufacturing companNazriny – like-no-other. I have a cute baby – Nazrin. This picture was shot after he recover from a fever in the year 2007. I’m very happy to see he smile & actively play.


This Is Nazran, 3 years old. This picture was taken during hair cutting by his uncle, it’s free of charge.

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  1. Min says:

    Very cute & chubby boys!

  2. firdaus says:

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  3. oche says:

    comey anak2 abang….
    nk tanye sket….
    boleh percaye ke teknik simple tu?

  4. Naza says:

    teknik simple memang boleh dipercayai…
    tapi kena kerja kuat skit…

  5. forumer says:

    Salaam. Yupp, u got cute kids, alhamdulillah, congrats! And hope all of u will be in happiness and well condition always, amiin.

    N not to forget, i was linked u at Teknosains in Friendly links, as u asked for. Waiting for reciprocal :D All the best buddy!!

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