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How to find Halal food in Thailand (3)

December 1 20093 Commented

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My previuos posts was regarding this year (2009) trip to Thailand… this I was stayed at Ayuthaya.. But last year I’ve been to Thailand for the first time in my life eventhough my home town near to Siam. It was in July’08, that year I stayed at Bangkok (Amari hotel). The hotel was OK.. but [...]

How to find Halal food at Thailand

November 2 2009No Commented

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Well my dinner at hotel were foods bought from 7Eleven near by the hotel… for some tips…. my Siamese friend told me that one of the trusted brand for HALAL food in Thailand is CP… They said, CP also supply chicken meet to KFC in Thailand.. so He said KFC in Thailand is HALAL… hmmm… [...]

Where to get Transformers movies

May 11 20085 Commented

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I think many people really want to find full movie of Transformers DVD copy. Here is the link of where you can download via bit torrent. Transformer [2007] DVD[Eng]

What is Poka-Yoke?

April 4 2008No Commented

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A poka-yoke device is any mechanism that either prevents a mistake from being made or makes the mistake obvious at a glance. As Shingo writes, “The causes of defects lie in worker errors, and defects are the results of neglecting those errors. It follows that mistakes will not turn into defects if worker errors are [...]