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My shopping blog launched

February 23 20105 Commented

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Today, I’ve launch my online shopping blog ‘Shops Online’. I’m giving to all internet users chances to buy a product from online. But at this time, it is exclusively for Malaysia area only. I will make new announcement when we are ready to go worldwide. Kepada semua penjeguk blog, adalah dimaklumkan pelancaran laman blog ‘Shops [...]

Jalan-jalan to Pantai Irama

February 19 2010one Commented

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It was more than 10 years I have not been to Bachok of specifically Pantai Irama Bachok. Finally, by end of the year 2009 (30th dec) we went there… macam tak banyak berubah cuma adalah tambak sikit untuk elak hakisan… my sons never been to any beach before, they were so happy… diorang mintak nak [...]

Pantai Irama Bachok

February 19 2010one Commented

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A beautiful beach, known as Pantai Irama or ‘Melody Beach’ is in Bachok, Kelantan. Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) is famous for its gently sloping beach that extends far into the clear blue water of the South China Sea. It has been said that Pantai Irama is Kelantan’s most beautiful beach and this is evident [...]