KB Mall : Car Accident into KB Mall

December 7 200910 Commented

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Freak accident!!! this is never happened anywhere??? I can’t believe it was happened at Kota Bharu Bandar Raya Islam (bandar serambi mekah & tanah serendah sekebun bunga)… car accident inside KB Mall?? actually the car was drop from roof parking into the mall. I don’t if there any accident similar this case at any other place in this world. The car was dropped from 3rd level roof parking to group level of KB Mall. From the local reporting source & mainstream stream news, the Ford Laser TX3 was breakdown & to start the engine the driver asked his freind to seat the driver & he push the car.. but suddenly the engine was started and out of control … and hit the concrete wall then fall down in between of escallator until ground level .. it pass through 2 level of escallator. I got the news quite late around 9 pm.. the accident happened around 5pm, everybody were shocked… I get this picture from my sister (it was sent by her friend)..




From this accident, 2 were dead due to hit by the construction and not the car.. It seems that the momentom was so huge that could break the concrete wall, there also question… the conrete wall could not stand such momentom?? this is need to be investigate….

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  5. shima says:

    sungguh ngeri…gambar ko ni x de pun dlm paper pg ni..sungguh berinformasi

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  9. archi student says:

    This is not concrete wall, it is a crappy brick work. How do you think brick wall may stand for such huge force??

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