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My new Sony BRAVIA

December 17 20086 Commented

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During Sony 20 years in Malaysia celebration on last september, as a Sony staff we have a chance to get Sony’s product at a lower price. This time we have a chance to join balloting for all Sony products. I’ve choose BRAVIA & DVD player and give my name to the balloting. Finally, my name [...]

Sony Ericsson History

December 5 20082 Commented

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Here I share some of the history of Sony Ericsson. Source from Wikipedia. Sony Ericsson is a joint venture established on October 3, 2001 by the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to make mobile phones. The stated reason for this venture is to combine Sony’s consumer electronics expertise [...]

My new Sony Ericsson

December 5 2008one Commented

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Now, I’m one of the Sony Ericsson tribe.. hehe. It begin with my LG cell phone model KG288, since last saturday I notice during our window shopping at Alamanda. Every time I to call, no body can here my voice. So, on Monday lots of people call me & they all said that I don’t [...]