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Break-down fan

October 30 2007one Commented

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Yeah.. I’ve a new ceiling fan. Today I’ve replaced my ceiling fan by myself. Actually, it already broken few weeks ago. As I went home at that night, I switched ON all the switches & suddenly the main supply cut off. After that, I just use table fan hehehe. But today, I’ve replaced it with [...]

How to replace a ceiling fan

October 30 2007No Commented

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First of all, you must have the most important tool to replace a ceiling fan. It’s a ladder. If don’t have it then get it somewhere else. Also have you to have some tools to assemble your fan. I got some tools but it not really a correct tools except the test pen. Wrench is [...]

Cat Abuse..

October 30 2007No Commented

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On Saturday last week, I had to go to office because the off day status was replaced during the raya (eid) holiday few weeks ago. About 7.32am, as I open my front door I saw a cat. The cat looked at me & said ‘meow…’ . At first I didn’t realized was happened, I headed [...]

Want to kill somebody?

October 29 2007No Commented

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If you angry to somebody, then try this …..